Nana’s House

For a Skillshare class, I decided to animate my Nana’s house. Her parents built it some time in the late 1800s, and it has been in the family ever since!

Hover over the image to see the complete before and after!

“Everything Wonderful” Summer Party Invite

The world is full of wonderful things. The smell of a puppy. A perfectly ripe peach. Towels fresh from the dryer. Really amazing clients. What if we gathered all that goodness? What if we collected all that is kind and joyful and good… and turned it into a party to share with our all lovely friends and clients?

CW: Wyatt Curtiss
AD: Rachel Quast
Motion Design: Rachel Lovrovich

Daisy the dog

For my first time doing character animation, I chose my mini Australian Shepherd, Daisy!

Techniques learned from this Skillshare class.

“Stranger Things” Holiday Office Party Invite

The 2017 theme for C+C’s office party was Stranger Things, so of course we needed a spooky video to get everyone in the mood for the event. A coworker wrote the copy and I re-animated the Stranger Things title sequence for the email invite.

Special shoutout to Maxwell Ridgeway’s Stranger Things Title tutorial series. I learned a lot of great After Effects tips to make this video happen!