Project Description

Heat Pump Water Heater Digital Campaign

How do you showcase the benefits of an ENERGY STAR certified Heat Pump Water Heater over the traditional water heating product? With an appliance house party, of course!

I created the opening exterior shot and animated the end card for the video, in addition to creating the companion banner ads seen below.

CD: Vandy Kindred
Senior Writer: Wyatt Curtiss
Producer & Set Design: Ashley Ball
DP & Editor: Christopher Wood
Graphic & Motion Design: Rachel Lovrovich

The banner ads were created in several sizes and helped boost the campaign by linking to ENERGY STAR’s landing page about Heat Pump Water Heaters.

Flip Your Fridge Digital Campaign

If you could visualize the setting for your refrigerator based on its qualities, where would it be? This exaggerated comparison showcases the benefits of switching to an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator to save energy and help protect the climate.

I designed the storyboards for the videos by collecting and compositing more than 30 stock images in Photoshop, resulting in eight key frames per video. The video was published in both English and Spanish with slightly different imagery to accommodate the different audiences. I also created the banner ads seen below to help boost the campaign.

Creative Director: Vandy Kindred
Producer: Allison Arrington
Multicultural Advisor: Sully Moreno
Concept Design & Banner Ads: Rachel Lovrovich
Animator: Ben Pohl

English Video

Spanish Video

Banner Ads

Ten banner ads in various sizes were created to boost the campaign by linking to ENERGY STAR’s landing page about rebates for flipping your fridge.