Since March 2020, C+C has supported the Washington State Department of Health in keeping Washington residents informed, encouraged, and safe from the COVID-19 virus. Together, we have created 25+ campaigns employing a range of styles, languages and media tactics. Each campaign was crafted based on data about the evolving pandemic to effectively address specific age groups, share important safety measures, overcome misconceptions and highlight the risks of ignoring guidelines.

The campaigns have effectively reached more than 93% of Washington adults, generating more than 2.5 million clicks to the website and over 1 billion completed video views. Our efforts have also helped keep the state’s rate of cases and deaths lower than most of the rest of the country. As of January 12, 2021, Washington had the 46th lowest rate of COVID cases out of 50 states (3,634 per 100k people).

My ongoing contributions include:
campaign design and art direction, social media graphics and display banners, storyboard design, animation & more.

See some highlights below!

Stay Home, Stay Healthy

Spring 2020 – When COVID-19 cases in Washington began to rise, messaging to keep residents safe needed to go out – FAST. The campaign had to be simple enough to produce quickly. Under the governor’s stay at home order, all eyes turned to animation. I created two animated videos and a suite of animated digital banners. The campaign was live within one week.

As the COVID-19 crisis evolved, more messaging was needed to educate the public. For example, a few months into the pandemic, we created a campaign sharing mental health coping mechanisms.

Mask Up

Summer 2020 – To coincide with the new mask mandate, the Mask Up campaign was created to educate residents about what counts as a face covering, how to wear a mask and when you need to wear one.

Again, we needed to produce it quickly. I evolved the simple dot design into emojis with masks. It was important to show diversity through mask types and emoji colors.

Safer Gatherings

Fall/Winter 2020 – In preparation for the holidays, a guide was made to share steps that people could take to stay safe while celebrating. The masked emojis were so well received, I brought them back and created an entire family of themed emojis. The campaign was later extended for 2021 gatherings.

WA Notify

November 2020 – We created a campaign to coincide with the launch of WA Notify, the state’s new COVID-19 exposure notification tool for smartphones. I was tasked with creating the new design, which had to look different than our other Spread the Facts campaigns running at the same time. I designed digital ads and video storyboards, which were then transcreated into 36 languages.

The goal was to get 15% of WA adults to add WA Notify to their phone in 30 days. The goal was achieved in 37 hours. Watch the case study video to learn more.

Vaccinate WA

December 2020-Present – With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout on the horizon, DOH needed a mark to symbolize their efforts to educate and vaccinate Washington residents.

I created the Vaccinate WA logo, in both English and Spanish. The logo has been shown on every Vaccinate WA advertisement since, including commercials, social media ads, and billboards. The logo has also been seen at both in-person and virtual events across the state, including vaccination sites and educational webinars. See some examples below.

GIF Stickers

In addition to our paid ad campaigns, we published a series of GIF stickers for people to use on social media to celebrate the vaccine. This was my first time making GIF stickers, and it was really fun!