My first motion design project

This motion graphic video was made for my Graphic Design 3 final in December 2015. The project required us to make an advertisement (any medium) advocating for social change. Being the daughter of a third-generation commercial fisherman, I decided to showcase the differences between farmed and wild salmon.

I used this project as a way to teach myself Adobe After Effects. I uploaded it to YouTube to share with my classmates and kind of forgot about it, but 5 years later it’s at 75,000 views and counting.

Second Version

A year later, I was tasked with re-doing a past project for my Visual Communication 2 final in December 2016. I wanted to use what I had learned about After Effects over the last year and apply them to my very first motion graphic project.

This updated video was shown in one of the university galleries in front of students and faculty. (And is not on my public YouTube page).